The Texas Sign Association (TSA) is open to all sign companies providing on-premises sign manufacturing, installation or service and to all product manufacturers, suppliers, and others who provide equipment or services to association members.


Texas Mutual Insurance Company is the state's leading writer of safety groups for workers' compensation. The carrier provides a stable, competitive source for workers' compensation insurance for Texas employers helping prevent on-the-job injuries and illness and minimizes their consequences.

Doing Our Part to Ensure a Safe Workplace

The Texas Sign Association announced the formation of the Texas Sign Association Comp Group, Inc. on December 1, 2004. The safety group is approved by the Texas Department of Insurance to offer workers’ compensation to TSA members!

Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the largest underwriter of workers’ compensation in the State of Texas, was named the carrier of choice for the group. 

Since its inception, the carrier have offered a competitive product with outstanding service for TSA members' workers’ compensation needs.

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This Workers' Compensation Safety Group is approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. Members benefit from the financial strength of our group and its superior loss control program. We are managed by a board comprised of Texas Sign Association members.

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